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Walkable Vilnius

One of the greenest European capitals and a compact city filled with parks, squares, and hiking trails – Vilnius is extremely friendly to those who enjoy a good walk while keeping track of their step counts. Discovering the city on foot is a special experience that allows you to explore its hidden corners, the roads less travelled, and unique routes. Create your own map of discoveries or use the maps already designed for unforgettable leisurely walks.

Vilnius offers a multitude of ways to explore the city according to your interests. The Walkable Vilnius lets you choose from more than 20 walking routes designed for all types of explorers, as well as individual places and events offering unique and charming experiences. From true hiking in the picturesque landscapes of the regional parks to the artistic side of Vilnius and its historical landmarks, each route is detailed with a step count, average duration and a great description of what to expect.

A new 100-kilometre Track Around Vilnius was presented by the city in 2020. The route goes mainly through the woods surrounding the Lithuanian capital and can be used by both runners and strollers.


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Bohemian Užupis

Image by Vitalijs Barilo

UNESCO Protected Vilnius Old Town

Image by Augustas Mickus

European Capital of Innovation

Image by Mark de Jong


Image by Tom Dick

Hot Air Balloons

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