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UNESCO Protected Vilnius Old Town

The historic centre of Vilnius is the cradle of the entire state of Lithuania and a location which is especially significant in the history not only of Lithuania but also of a broad expanse of Eastern and Central Europe, in terms of its political influence, rich architecture, works of art and the many cultural and scientific ideas that took shape here.

This 352-hectare area was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994, thus recognising its exceptional universal value. The historic centre of Vilnius is a wonderful example of a city that developed organically over the course of more than five centuries. Here one can still find the radial street layout characteristic of the middle ages and a wide variety of architecturally valuable buildings, damaged only in certain places by wars and occupations. A portion of the buildings have managed to keep several cultural layers; as styles came and went, such buildings were rebuilt, so a present-day observer can see an architectural mosaic unfold in some buildings.

The UNESCO protected Vilnius Old Town is one of a kind and is filled with cultural treasures that can be appreciated all year round. Take a stroll and explore the architectural gems lining the charming cobblestone streets, listen to the melodies of street musicians, or hang out in a cosy bar or cafe and people watch. The Old Town rewards the most observant of visitors, so keep an eye out for the details and don't forget to look up! 


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UNESCO Protected Vilnius Old Town

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