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Passionate about
your city?

GlobeTrott is a mobile application that creates personalized digital tours, making it easier to explore new destinations.

Create a digital tour and earn money every time a curious traveller or an inquisitive local listens to your tour.​

All you need to do is submit your pitch and once approved write your tour.

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Local experts from all around the world are submitting their digital tours onto the GlobeTrott platform to showcase the most exciting sides of their city and to earn additional income. 
Unique viewpoints are what matters the most. You can create a full tour or cover only one specific sight.

Pitch and create your audio tour



GlobeTrott will manage everything else

We will provide editorial support while you are creating the tour, continuously enhance the mobile application, and most importantly - promote the GlobeTrott platform so that your tour is heard by as many travelers as possible.  

Every time your tour is listened to, you will earn a percentage from tour sales.

With over 1 billion trips taking place annually - you could be receiving quite a paycheck on a monthly basis.

Earn additional income

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