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An innovative solution to create
a unique traveler experience

Project co-funded by European Union Investment Fund


UAB “GlobeTrott Travel” and UAB “Corner Case Technologies” have partnered to develop an innovative mobile solution that will create a unique personalized experience for travelers. 

GlobeTrott mobile solution aims to enhance the travel experience by providing on-demand access to local insights and recommendations that match travelers' interests. Excellent storytelling from local experts recorded in high-quality audio will be merged with intuitive technologies and artificial intelligence, to create immersive personalized audio tours for every traveler. 


This exciting project is co-funded by UAB “GlobeTrott Travel”, UAB “Corner Case Technologies” and European Regional Development Fund.

This project is funded as part of the EU's response to the COVID-19 pandemic


Title of the project: “GlobeTrott - innovative solution to create a unique traveler experience” 

Funding source: European Regional Development Fund

Total project value – 1 129 939.87 Eur (VAT excl.)

Start of the project - 12th November 2020

End of the project – 11th November 2022

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