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Passionate about
your city?

GlobeTrott is a mobile application that creates personalized digital tours, making it easier to explore new destinations.

Create a digital tour and earn money every time a curious traveller or an inquisitive local listens to your tour.​

All you need to do is submit your pitch and once approved write your tour.

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Exceptional content delivered well will enhance travellers' experience in their destination. GlobeTrott team will ensure that content created by you, the local expert, is delivered to the traveller with the best user experience possible by providing:


Editorial support


Marketing and technology

An experienced team of marketers is growing the GlobeTrott brand and driving digital tour sales. Your stories are going to reach 1,000s of travelers, giving them a chance to really meet your city.

GlobeTrott will ensure that travelers enjoy using the product and will continue to develop the mobile application according to their needs. 

GlobeTrott will provide editorial support while you are creating the tour. 
Based on individual agreements with Local Experts recording or translation services might be provided. 








GlobeTrott manages its business in compliance with all regulations (and there are many) implied by local governments in the countries that we operate in.

Local experts whose content has been published will receive a quarterly report with a detailed breakdown of their content performance and their earnings. Request for payout can be placed anytime and will be processed within 30 days.


With over 1 billion trips taking place a year it could be quite a paycheck :)

Earning reports and compliance


paying you

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