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Gastronomic experiences have become a key component of any trip. So, what enticing flavours can foreign guests expect to discover while visiting Lithuania?

When visiting Lithuania try our national cuisine and indulge in wonderful flavours. 

Vilnius has experienced a gastronomic boom in recent years while also trending as an intriguing travel destination for foodies hungry for something new. Culinary experiences like food halls and markets, street food stalls and food trucks, craft beer bars and high-end restaurants have become part of the city‘s identity for locals and visitors alike.

Discovering the history of Vilnius through its culinary heritage is a must. The streets of the UNESCO-listed Old Town are filled with aromas from all over the world, hinting at contemporary flavour combinations and modern food preparation techniques. Locally sourced produce pleases the taste buds with a delicious array of flavours and textures. Let the budding food scene take you on delicious flavour-filled adventures starring seasonal cuisine and unique culinary experiences.

The city is home to innovative award-winning restaurants that are ready to delight your taste buds and expand your palate. International cuisine, elaborate culinary experiments, traditional and reimagined Lithuanian food, and tasty vegan dishes – the options are endless.

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Fried bread with cheese




Cottage cheese

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