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#kaunastic Day

Kaunas is so unique it even has a particular word to describe the emotions felt when visiting it! The term is ‘kaunastic’ – it’s even better than fantastic. It reflects the vivid Kaunas history, architecture, communities, historical personalities, restaurants, panoramas, street art, family attractions and places to visit. It can also be used when talking about delicious food, rich layers of street art, vibrant cultural life, historic modernist architecture, which is on it‘s way to get a Unesco, lush nature, water attractions and optimistic point of view of residents of Kaunas.


So kaunastic is not actually a real word. It was constructed out of the need to express the mix of marvel, discovery, nostalgia, spontaneity and audacity.


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Capital of 


Modernism Architecture


Pažaislis Monastery

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Your Own #kaunastic Day

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