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Local hosts share their insights

Experience Vilnius with GlobeTrott Travel local host Lina

We are pleased to introduce you to Lina – a proud resident of Vilnius who has recently joined GlobeTrott Travel as a host. A professional tour guide, she has shown hundreds of people around the capital of Lithuania, and now, you can join her audio tour on GlobeTrott Travel app independently.

To get to know Lina, why she loves Vilnius so much, and her top recommendations, we invite you to read our short interview with her below.

Your main inspiration: I am inspired by the multitude of angles to tell Vilnius’ history, by the multilayer stories of every Vilnius corner, and by people causing a constant change in Vilnius for the better.

The best tour: The best tours happen once there is a chance to hear travellers’ expectations, and their topics of interest. It may start as a regular tour around the main Vilnius landmarks and take you to the most unexpected hidden gems.

The most fascinating thing about Vilnius: The magnitude of unexpected views – once you raise your eyes in the middle of a street, once you climb a hill or a tower, once you turn off the main streets.

The biggest change within the past 30 years: Last thirty years have raised new generations of local people who have learned to appreciate freedom, respect the diversity of looks, thoughts, and self-expression, and are constantly seeking new connections and adventures. They make Vilnius lively and open-hearted to newcomers and wanderers.

Best views of Vilnius: The best 360-degree panorama opens from the Belltower of Vilnius University. The best summer sunsets happen when watched from the viewing point on Subačius street.

The most unique thing about Vilnius: Vilnius is unique for multiple possibilities to meet and talk to globally famous people like Dalai Lama – they love the local drive for freedom!

Are you fascinated by your local city like Lina is by Vilnius? Do you wish to share that knowledge with more people? Then become a local host at GlobeTrott Travel! Not only will you get a chance to spread the word about your city further and, possibly, learn more about it, but you will also get compensation for your efforts. If you wish to find out more about the opportunity, visit our recent article about the perks, the benefits, and the process.


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