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Rooftops, excitement, and culture: discovering London with Egle

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Images by Egle Tumenaite | Personal album

One of the cities that we at GlobeTrott Travel love a lot is London. Perhaps no other city in the world (or Europe, at least) is so diverse. In fact, it has so much to offer that first-time visitors often get overwhelmed by its history, culture, architecture, food, and everything in between.

This is one of the reasons we chose London as the first destination to bring our audio tours to life. One of our co-founders, Egle, has spent more than 5 years in London. She says that it was a combination of excitement and experiencing a busy city life that brought her to move here back in 2019.

Naturally, locals are the best source of information when it comes to visiting a new place. So, we asked Egle several questions to help us get to know London through the eyes of someone who has called this place home.

How did you explore the city once you moved in there?

Mostly through friends – we would just think of different places to visit or restaurants to try. I met a lot of international people who didn’t plan to stay in London for a very long time. It served as a driver to use the few months in London they had, trying to have as much quality time as possible.

What were some stereotypes you heard before moving there?

I’ve heard that Brits are super polite, they love drinking tea, and are obsessed with the Royal Family. It’s all true, mostly.

Images by Egle Tumenaite | Personal album

When your friends visit you, what sites do you highlight as a “must-visit”?

I try to tailor the activities based on their personal interests or wishes.

For first-time visitors, I tend to take my guests to places like rooftops that offer views of the city, such as:

  • Madison Bar (One New Change) offers a breathtaking view of St Paul's Cathedral

  • Sushi Samba (Heron Tower)

  • Jin Bo Law Skybar

  • Netil 360, is a relaxed bar in Hackney.

I also take my friends to Tower Bridge, which I find one of the most iconic bridges in the world, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, which holds one of the world's most comprehensive and important collections, Tate Modern or Saatchi Gallery to explore the art world.

What is your favorite neighborhood, and what food & drink places would you recommend?

Soho and Covent Garden offer plenty of places for all sorts of tastes! My recent discoveries: The Barbary which focuses on seasonal ingredients and takes inspiration from the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, and The Maine Mayfair which brings the old world elegance and New England extravaganza to the center of modern London.

Images by Egle Tumenaite | Personal album

What do you find interesting about Londoners themselves?

People here are extremely polite, friendly, and outgoing – they always find time to go out and hang out with friends, regardless of busy city life.

You recently moved to Zurich. What do you miss the most about living in London?

Restaurant scene and museums and art galleries, as well as a huge variety of events such as musicals and concerts.

How did you become a part of GlobeTrott Travel’s co-founding team?

I did an Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree for my Master's, and I was fascinated by the startup world, the fast-paced environment, and a completely different structure and approach to work that I hadn’t seen before. It gave me a sense of freedom and self-expression. This made me join a very successful startup Depop in London. While I was working in London, Vaida approached me as she was looking for sales opportunities for the company she was thinking of starting. We joined forces shortly after, and Corner Case Technologies (CCT) was officially founded. CCT has always had an entrepreneurial drive and hunger for innovation. Once we heard Simona pitching GlobeTrott Travel, demonstrating her passion for traveling, which we share, we knew we could achieve much more together, and this is when we joined as a co-founding team.

What does the word GlobeTrott Travel mean to you?

Exploring new cultures and destinations is the opposite of spending the entire vacation on the beach, never leaving the resort. I think the former is so much more enjoyable and enriching, and I love more people to experience vacation this way. I honestly hope GlobeTrott Travel will help them too!

Surely, Big Ben, red telephone booths, or London Eye may be the first things that come to mind for those coming to London for the first time, but this city has so much more to offer. So, next time you’re in London, let the locals guide you by downloading the mobile application and checking out our audio tours. Click here to find our London guides.


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