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Places in Vilnius that will surprise your foreign friend

Vilnius is an absolutely wonderful destination to experience baroque architecture, an Old Town that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage, lush greenery, and rich culture with quality food. However, (spoiler alert) to infuse your travels with authentic stories, we recommend you do it with a tour that was prepared by a local.

In this article, Ieva Marija is sharing some special places in Vilnius she would show to her foreign friends. Treat this as an itinerary for your perfect day with a foreign friend in Vilnius. Enjoy!

Head for a breakfast to the beloved place of locals

According to Ieva Marija, Druska Miltai Vanduo is a very special place for locals. Every Sunday you can spot people queuing to get the best pastries in town here. Locals say that this is a place where you can get the most delicious sourdough bread and the freshest toasty cinnamon bun. Check out this place here.

To surprise your friend a little bit more, Ieva Marija says that from Thursday to Friday every evening Druska, Milta, Vanduo transforms into a ramen place called Pamela. This gives an even more funky and cool vibe to it. Sit down on a bench, start a chat with a local, and share your stories and experiences about Vilnius! Check out the transformed place here.

Lithuanian culture o’clock

If you are an art lover or just passing by, the MO Museum will immerse you in a cultural experience like no other place. This modern and contemporary art museum offers a variety of experiences from exhibitions and film screenings to concerts that cater to different groups of people.

Ieva Marija recommends popping inside to the gift shop where you can get unique (not fridge magnet-like) Lithuanian design items like prints, candles, jewellery, clothes, or books. Whether you come with a family or a group of friends, you will always find locals enjoying their time in this museum. Find out more here.

Time to get some coffee

To discuss all your experiences at MO Museum along with a great cup of coffee, Ieva Marija recommends going to a nearby coffee shop called Brew. This place has a great selection of coffee beans or tea. Fancy for something funky? Then enjoy their special season mixes! More about the Brew.

Infuse some magic into your travels

Now it’s a perfect time to add some more magic to your Vilnius sightseeing tour. In Šventagaris valley a Magic Tile can be found. Ieva Marija says that in order to end the day in Vilnius well, it’s always a good idea to spin on the tile and make a wish to come back to Vilnius. Also, in this valley, you can find a pretty unexpected place to hear your echoes and experience the greatness of the heat of the capital, the Vilnius Cathedral.

Delight your taste buds

Having dinner at Ertlio Namas is arguably one of the best dining experiences you can have in Vilnius. Located in the heart of the Vilnius Old Town, Ertlio Namas surprises with the historical Lithuanian cuisine and beautiful stories about the locals and how they were dining centuries ago. One of the most memorable stories to hear is about Lithuanians who were once converting to Christianity, their struggles and fasting experiences, and how they solved this problem. Find out more about this place here.

Of course, no travel in Vilnius is complete without Lithuanian traditional cold beetroot soup. We also have compiled list of cold soups that could refresh you during your travels.

Let the local guides of Vilnius help you discover this Baltic Region gem. Download the GlobeTrott Travel app to have a friend-like tour experience here.


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