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Paris with a real Parisian: there is one place where they never go

City bloggers are usually the ones who know everything that’s new in the cities. Whether it’s new restaurant openings, new parks, art installations, gallery exhibitions, new hidden street food places, or new things to do in the city - they are always up to date and they know all the coolest things. That’s why the idea of exploring the city with its own blogger, seems like an exciting idea. We partnered up with real Parisians to offer a self-guided tour for those who want to explore Paris on their own yet feel like they are walking with a local.

Paris Immersif introduces herself as an avatar, who likes to eat, go out and prepare the best routes for you in Paris. She shares the majority of her findings on her Instagram account and from today some of her insights are available on the GlobeTrott Travel app in the form of a digital self-guided audio tour. Paris Immersif not only introduces the places where real Parisians go but also tells you stories about why certain parts of Paris are so important to Parisians.

We wanted to get to know Paris Immersif more, so here are some local recommendations from your future tour host. Enjoy!

As someone who was born in Paris, what do you feel is most special about this place?

Although I was born in Paris, I am still fascinated by this city. From one district to another, we immerse ourselves in different universes. That's what makes this city so special. From one alley to another, everything can change.

What would you put on the must-see list for someone who is visiting Paris for the first time and got only 3 days?

I would recommend taking advantage of all the Parisian gastronomic offers that Paris has to offer. And without forgetting cultural experiences according to the program such as fashion, history, or even immersive exhibitions. Essential places to do seem to me to be the Louvre Museum, the Hotel de la Marine, and the Saint Eustache Church as well as the Paris Mosque which are truly sublime!

You love photography, what are the 3 locations that you recommend everyone to visit for scenic views?

Without hesitation, the Bir-Hakeim bridge for underground effects I recommend the subway ;) ! and for the more historic Paris aspect: Musée du Louvre, Palais Galliera, Palais Royal, and avenue Rapp to see the Eiffel tower next to Hausmannian building

One thing other people probably don’t know about Paris

Paris is a very expensive city but if we know the good places, there are plenty of things to do for free or quality places for good prices;)

Tourist traps - what is popular only with tourists?

Champs Elysées ! A Parisian never come to Champs Elysées ;)

Self-guided audio tour with Sheera from Paris Immersif is available on GlobeTrott Travel app.

Download the app now. Available in app stores.


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