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The Most Instagrammable Places in London

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

If you want to be in the iconic spot at every turn, then London is your destination. From old churches that date back centuries and palaces with endless halls filled up with art sculptures or markets filled with jungle-like plants - there really isn't anything this city doesn’t have! Hence, some people say that London and Instagram are a match made in heaven. What’s even better is that behind every picture captured and shared on Instagram lies a story that is worth hearing out.

We are excited to invite you to visit our choice of Instagrammable spots in London and hear the powerful stories behind them.

Big Ben

London's most iconic building is definitely an Instagram famous model. With so many angles to choose from, it's hard not to find the perfect spot for your photo. One of our favorite places is right below Westminster Bridge arches with an absolutely stunning background that you can't help but fall head over heels in love with instantly.

Primrose Hill

The famous Primrose Hill in London is a popular destination as it offers one of the best free views London has, plus you might even spot your favorite actors walking around on this hilltop where they live! Visit during spring when flowers are blooming - there really aren’t many better places than right here overlooking the city landscape below.

Sky Garden

London can offer not only spectacular views but also some iconic buildings. Architectural masterpieces and unusual building designs are the reasons why architecture junkies visit London. This iconic skyscraper has been nicknamed as Walkie talkie due to its shape. Fun fact - Londoners gave an award for this building as….the ugliest building in 2013 in the UK! Although Walkie Talkie is also known for its stunning Sky Garden which was opened because the officials forced the developers to open a certain part of the building to the public for free. Lucky you! Now you can take pictures of this stunning jungle in the city.

Neal's Yard

If you’re looking for a little bit of color in your day, then this is the place. Neal's Yard is a hidden bustling, colorful little treasure with ethically-operating restaurants, markets, and stores. This is definitely THE Instagrammable spot that has been slowly gaining fame thanks to its frequent appearances on social media. Neal’s Yard can be named a one-man show in Covent Garden and is a shining example of how much can be done by just one person with the right idea. Nicholas Saunders caught sight of what looked like a certain ruin in the 1970s before it was about to get pulled down. Back when he first moved into his neighborhood the rats were running around everywhere but he decided to save the place from demolition and opened a whole foods market 'for the people" that wasn't exclusive or elite. That’s how the story of this place started.

Peggy Porchen

Peggy Porschen is a London-based café that has been generating buzz on social media for its unique exterior and decor covered with epic floral displays and even some fabulous cupcakes. It's often considered the most Instagrammable cafe in town because of how photogenic it seems, so expect to wait in line if you want some food or just want to take that Insta-famous shot. When it comes to food, you can find all sorts of cupcakes, slices of cakes, and pastries that can all be called…luxury pieces of art.

London Underground Sign (Covent garden tube station)

These iconic London symbols can literally be found everywhere. Their history dates back to 100 years ago. The London Underground sign is so unique because it not only represents the transportation network but also is an identifying marker of the whole city. Nevertheless, it became the most recognized and imitated logo in the world representing British culture. Experienced photographers say it's the best to take pictures of them during the sunrise or just after the sunset!

Camden town

Camden Town has a rich history as an alternative cultural hub. Where else can you find tourists, punks and teenagers flock to enjoy the bustle of the cafes during daytime hours? The area has a thriving nightlife scene that includes live music at alternative clubs or old-school pubs where major stars play jazz tunes on pianos while you sip your favorite drink. Foodies and craft beer lovers can find something new here on every corner too. Tourists flock here in search of vintage clothes, exotic curiosities, and other treasures from all around Europe. So from music to food, from people watching to vintage shopping, this place is a must-visit spot for both tourists and local Londoners.

Millennium Bridge

Looking at the iconic St Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge is one of those shots you just can't take anywhere else. The view encompasses both modern city buildings as well as old iconic London landmark. You may well know this beautiful bridge from the Harry Potter film Half-Blood Prince. The bridge is best viewed under morning light, so if you head to it earlier in the day when there are fewer tourists around-you’re likely to find yourself alone!

St Dunstan’s in the East Church

Just when you think that the city can't surprise you anymore, a hidden oasis in between sky-high buildings pops up. The church of St Dunstan’s stands as a witness to the devastating effects World War II had on the city when it was bombed during one such raid. The ruins of this church are now hidden behind greenery, giving visitors the perfect setting to take their photos. The rays of sunshine through the windows, vines winding around the walls and palm trees create a positively tropical atmosphere - that is what you can expect at St. Dunstan’s today.

Tower Bridge

Even if you’re an amateur photographer looking for the best spot in London to take pictures, Tower Bridge is a great place. There are even some traffic islands that offer amazing views! The bridge is instantly recognizable with its twin gothic towers linked by two archways 150 feet above the river below. But the most impressive sight is of course the lifting roadway with each side having the ability to be lifted by 86 degrees, to allow tall ships to pass through. Whether you're looking for the perfect Instagram shot or you are keen to appreciate fine architecture, you can choose from multiple viewpoints.

Notting Hill

The colorful streets of Notting Hill provide the perfect Instagram-worthy backdrop for your British vacation photos. While other areas in London can be quite grey, these cheerful homes are brightly painted with an assortment or different colors lining each street waiting to brighten up any day. Notting Hill is an area with a vibrant, trendy, bohemian vibe, filled with cafes, markets selling antiques, and vintage fashion.

Oxford street

Oxford street is extremely famous for being one of the world’s best and busiest (with around half a million daily visitors!) shopping districts, it’s basically “Britain's high street”. The area is home to some of the most prestigious brands in fashion and beauty, as well as tech and houseware. Although, this street also has tons to offer when it comes time to take some Instagrammable photos. The sidewalks running down the middle make this street perfect for bloggers looking into creating an awesome night shot or during the day since there are so many entertaining details around including iconic red buses that travel up and down all day. An advice for a perfect evening shot - if using long exposure you can catch some cool-looking light trails of passing vehicles!

Covent garden

London’s Covent Garden has a lot to offer. If you are into history and culture, you will be excited to know that back in the day gambling dens, brothels, and coffee shops were thriving in Covent Garden. When coffee was first introduced to Britain, coffee shops opened up here and it became the place where politicians, writers, merchants, and artists met! Today the area is full of luxurious restaurants and hotels, it also has its famous Apple market. This covered marketplace filled with small shops will make any visitor want to stop and take an Instagram-worthy shot when they see how beautiful everything inside looks from every angle possible.

St.Paul’s Cathedral and red phone booth

Many people like this unique perspective, as it combines two world-known symbols of London - the red telephone booth and the magnificent dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. Even though red telephones are not being used as much nowadays, The U.K.'s phone regulator still keeps them in use for emergency situations. Whether you are an urban photographer or an Instagram blogger this angle of London will definitely be the visual highlight of what London is about.

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is more than just an iconic historical landmark; it’s also the heart of London. The huge neon signs, bright displays, the swirling traffic, and the red buses alongside the statue of Eros make up one view you'll never forget when visiting this location. This square was once considered the center of the world when the British still had an Empire. Come here in the evening for that perfect insta-shot, when the displays are even brighter.

Traditional British Pub (Lamb & Flag Pub)

There’s no shortage of unique drinking establishments in London so you'll never run out of places to take pictures of! Some of them have themed rooms, some date back centuries, and some of them have mysterious stories - there's always something interesting about them. For example, our favorite Lamb & Flag Pub first opened up in the XIXth century and it served as a fighting place for bare-knuckle prize fighters! The “Bucket of Blood” became well-known nickname for this place because this was where people went to see blood sport in all its glory.

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market is a great place to explore on foot. Originally this place was a meat, poultry, and game market. Today the market has been colonized by fashion and accessory retailers, coffee shops, and restaurants with delicious treats for all your cravings, swanky wine bars, and award-winning pubs. If this place looks familiar to you, that’s probably because Harry Potter visited this place as the atmospheric Diagon Alley! So this extraordinary architectural sight is not only insta-worthy but also movie famous.

London has so much to offer in terms of iconic views, breathtaking scenery, fun places for photo ops, and Insta-worthy angles. We bet this list is just the start you needed. Start exploring Britain’s iconic capital and its breathtaking views with GlobeTrott Travel picks!

-GlobeTrotter Ruta


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