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Latini family burial plot in Santa Maria Maggiore

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

In the thirteenth century, the majority of the Florentines were still being buried in their parish cemeteries. The relatively modest column of Brunetto Latini fits this picture. It appears to be a marker, indicating the burial plot of the Latini family, rather than a commemoration.

Looking at the genealogy chart included below, we should keep in mind that his father, Bonaccorso di Latino, has traditionally been portrayed as a notary. His oldest brother, Michael, also continued the family profession. Another brother, Latinus Bonaccursi, has been linked to a banking firm, which was especially active in Southern Italy, the Angevin Kingdom, until it failed in 1312.

Brunetto Latini was married. Two of his sons were also in contact with the Angevin court.

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