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Local hosts share their insights

How to become a local host on GlobeTrott Travel? And three reasons why you should do it.

Are you passionate about your city? Can you spend hours walking around it with your visiting friends? Do you feel like you could write a book when someone asks you for “a few recommendations”? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, it’s time to share your knowledge with a wider audience!

Become a local audio tour host on GlobeTrott Travel and help visitors from all over the world experience your city like a local. Plus, you’ll get some personal benefits, too. Here are three of them.


Share your unique, personal, authentic, and inspiring knowledge with people from all over the world and contribute to their amazing travel experiences. Isn’t it cool to know that you enabled hundreds of people to discover your place from a completely different point of view?

Extra cash

We know that knowledge is of great value, and we don’t expect you to share yours for free! There are three ways we compensate our local experts. You can choose a one-off payment you receive once you create your tour. You can also decide to receive no compensation initially but reap the royalties every time someone downloads your tour. Or you can mix and match by getting a smaller one-off payment and then slightly lower royalties over time.

Even more knowledge

It‘s inevitable – when you start sharing knowledge, you start gaining more. By looking into various facts, history, and unusual places in your city that you‘d love for others to discover, you will likely be looking for more information sources, thus learning new and exciting stories. And you know what they say about lifelong learning!

So, how do you become a local host?

First, you will need to pitch your tour to us, and you can do that by filling out a short form on our website. Aside from basic information about yourself, we will need to see where your tour will take place, what kind of objects and sites you will include in it, and – this is the most important bit – how you will make sure the tour is unique. Will you pick unusual sites? Or do you perhaps have some non-mainstream information about the more famous ones?

We will also need to see a sample of your writing, but don‘t worry, there‘s no need to write the whole tour at this stage. Simply pick an object and describe it in a few sentences so we can see your style.

Once you‘re done, submit the pitch, and our editorial team will review it as quickly as possible. Then, if it‘s approved, we will contact you and discuss the next steps so you can complete your tour and start sharing it with the world. Good luck, and we can‘t wait to hear from you!


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