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Every great company has it's own story to tell

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

You may have heard the quote, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This famous Chinese proverb expresses our startup journey very well. Like any company, our story started taking small steps that have shaped who we are today. It's time for us to open up this curtain so you can learn how everything began...

Our story dates several years ago (pre-covid) when our co-founder Simona was travelling very often. The most monumental trip that year was to China. Before arriving in Beijing, she researched extensively what to see and do in the city and booked a tour guide, to ensure she would receive accurate information about Chinese history along with fascinating facts that are difficult to find online.

Simona felt deeply disappointed. The tour guide provided barely any information and being part of the large group, following the same route, was really not very appealing. With so much content available online, Simona could not understand how come it is so difficult to access relevant information about the objects when visiting them in real life.

The desire to learn about the grand landmarks that we see while travelling is not unique to Beijing. Simona and many other travellers (according to our research) share the same frustration: what to see in the destination and what’s the story behind this building.

The first ideas of how a travel product could work were sketched in the airport, waiting for the return flight from China. During the months that followed broad research was conducted. And it indicated that a travel platform that would provide personalised recommendations of what to do in the city, as well as the content about the objects should have potential.

Co-Founders Simona and Vaida

The next step was to understand the preparation and resources required to develop a digital product. Simona arranged to meet with her childhood friend Vaida, who is a co-founder of Corner Case Technologies, a successful digital products studio, and is running several technology companies herself. Being a passionate traveller, Vaida and her co-founders Eglė, Mindaugas, Gediminas, and Justinas, could relate to the problem, and so the conversations exploring the potential partnership started.

Corner Case Technologies Founders

And just like that, a strong founding team for GlobeTrott Travel was born; each of the co-founders bringing a wealth of expertise in different areas of the business: technology, product development, content production, marketing, sales, and a shared passion to bring innovations in the tourism industry.

GlobeTrott Travel is a three-tier marketplace that combines travelers' interests with personalised insights and recommendations. Our goal is to connect all the tourism industry players using machine learning technology which will choose the best possible supplier for the customer based on people’s preferences. People trust local recommendations, so we are building this marketplace that everyone in the local community could benefit from, starting from local hosts, to local activities, to dining options, etc.

A Globetrotter is a person who travels widely. It’s a term that all of us can relate to and most importantly is the definition of the traveller we are catering to. We believe that the name GlobeTrott Travel clearly represents our vision to make exploring destinations easier and more authentic.

Would you like to know more about our personalised technology? Feel free to email us at or keep following our path - we share insights from the locals' perspective and a range of exciting experiences for everyone who has a passion for travelling and innovations.


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