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GlobeTrott Travel app is launched!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that your personal digital guide - GlobeTrott Travel mobile application is now available on both Apple and Android app stores!

The world is a beautiful place and every city has incredible stories! The only way for travellers to hear these stories is either to get really lucky and meet a knowledgeable local or to dedicated time and diligently research the destination. Neither sound appealing? This is why we created GlobeTrott!

GlobeTrott Travel mobile application merges excellent storytelling from local experts (think journalists, artists, tour guides), high-quality audio content, and intuitive technologies, to create immersive digital audio tours.

Also, using the app is incredibly simple:

Key benefits of using GlobeTrott:

We hope GlobeTrott will become your trusted travel partner and have designed the product with your needs in mind:

  • Content created by local experts - a global network of local storytellers created high-quality engaging content so you can explore their city and hear its fascinating stories.

  • Flexibility - forget scheduled tours, all content is available on-demand so that you could explore at your own pace.

  • COVID Safe - no more crowded group tours, explore with people in your travel party or on your own.

  • Hands-free experience - put your headphones in and click play! The audio will start automatically as you approach each site, exactly how it would if a local would be guiding you.

  • Maps & Directions are provided to help you navigate around the city and to ensure that you find all the sites on your route with ease.

Where to next?

Currently, there are over 30 tours available and new tours are added on weekly basis. Do you want to hear about Shakespearean London while walking along the South Bank or learn how London grew into a sprawling metropolis while admiring architecture in the City of London? Looking to explore a smaller city - how about visiting York? It is believed to be one of the most haunted cities in Europe, so plenty of scary and fascinating stories there. Right now you can explore: 🟠 London 🟠 Oxford 🟠 York 🟠 Bath 🟠 Lepe 🟠 Vilnius 🟠 Rome Tours will soon become available for: 🟠 New York City 🟠 Washington DC 🟠 San Francisco 🟠 Amsterdam 🟠 Madrid 🟠 Dubai 🟠 Berlin and many more places around the world. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to always stay up to date.


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