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Bargello: Foundation Inscription

As you stand in front of this imposing structure, please imagine its original height. One of the measures taken by the Primo Popolo was, in fact, the order that no family tower should rise higher than that of the Palazzo del Popolo, setting a maximum height of 50 braccia (30 meters / 96 feet).

The inscription exalts the wealth, fortune and power of Florence. It proudly claims the right of Florence to rule the sea, the land, and the entire world, it predicts its eternal triumph, just like Rome, and it states that its subjects will be ruled with justice and law.

The Florentine State Archives contain many other traces of his professional life. It even has a number of autographs – documents hand-written by Brunetto Latini himself. Thanks to the picture shown below, you cannot only put a face to his name, but also admire his handwriting – almost 800 years after its original production.

When you take a closer look at the autograph please notice his trade mark sign, namely a fountainhead – symbol of wisdom and knowledge – a very appropriate symbol indeed for a man who is still remembered, as a master of learning.

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