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Viktorija recommends: 3 restaurants in London you should be booking the next time

There is no doubt that London has it all: various cultural activities, architecture, legendary musicals, great nightlife, and extraordinary dining experiences. It’s not a coincidence that at GlobeTrott Travel, we developed our first audio tour tailored to London. To help you get to know London better, we’d like to introduce you to Viktorija, who has been living in London for the past 3,5 years. Travelling is her passion, and she is a firm believer that one of the best ways to explore the local culture is through dining experiences. London is not an exception.

Today, Viktorija recommends her top 3 favourites for memorable dining experiences in London.

Let’s dive in!

1. Bob Bob Ricard (Soho).

Fancy to feel what it’s like to press a Champagne button in a restaurant? Then Bob Bob Ricard, one of the most iconic restaurants in London, is the perfect place for such an experience. Located in Soho, it offers the classic British-French menu that will help you indulge in the most pleasant cross-cultural food experiences ever. Viktorija’s recommendation – Chicken & Champagne Pie for the main course.

2. COYA City.

Best suitable for Peruvian food fans (or those willing to discover it without travelling to the other side of the world), COYA City London is Viktorija’s top pick when she’s craving intensive sweet & sour experiences. A big fan of the Latino culture, she highly recommends indulging yourself in a multi-sensory experience in COYA. The menu here has been created by experimenting with traditional Peruvian dishes and using Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese cooking methods. Viktorija’s top pick – Ceviche de Atún Chifa and Kale y Manchego salads.

3. C London Restaurant.

Are you an Italian food lover? Then consider heading to one of the most elegant restaurants in Mayfair – C London. Enjoy the warm hospitality, a ship-inspired atmosphere, and a great bowl of pasta with a glass of wine of your choice. After you finish your main course, do not miss tasting the legendary Vanilla Meringue – arguably one of the most delicious desserts in London!

At GlobeTrott Travel, we believe it’s time to change how we travel. When it comes to exploring different destinations, we want you to experience the best that they have to offer. Therefore, our philosophy is that through the eyes of local people and their experiences, you can take your trips to the next level, too. Let the locals guide you by downloading the mobile application and checking out our audio tours.

Click here to download the app and find our London guides!

-GlobeTrotter Viktorija


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