What are repositioning cruises?

What are repositioning cruises?

These days, there are dozens of cruise lines and hundreds of cruise ships that travel all over the globe.  Whether in exotic corners of the world or in popular destinations that lots of tourists visit, chances are there’s a cruise ship there at least part of the year.

But in almost every destination, there’s a time of year when the weather’s not that great.  Even in paradise, it’s usually hurricane season between August and November.   Since no one wants to take a cruise where it’s rainy, windy, and cold, the cruise ships that sail in these waters when it’s nice usually relocate when the rainy season starts.

Those relocation trips – where a ship sails one way from one destination to another – are called repositioning cruises, and they can be a really good deal.  As a rule, they don’t visit as many ports as regular cruises, which usually visit a different port almost every day.  And there are often several days at sea.  For instance, a ship that repositions from the Caribbean to Europe will spend five or six days crossing the Atlantic ocean.

Today’s cruise ships have so many amenities onboard – everything from ice skating rinks to bowling alleys – that there’s plenty to do even when the ship is at sea.  And then, there are all those meals.  During sea days, the cruise lines often have special buffets in addition to all the regular meals.

Because repositioning cruises stop in fewer ports, they don’t sell as well as conventional cruises that call in five or six places.  For this reason, they’re often much less expensive on a cost-per-day basis.

Before you calculate your savings, find out what the airfare will be.  Since you may end up buying two one-way tickets, your airfare may be more expensive than a roundtrip ticket would be.

A short repositioning cruise, say one from California to Vancouver, is a great way to see if you like cruising.  And if you live within driving distance of the port, your airfare should be very reasonable.  Fares for these cruises are often as low as $50 per person, per night.  Considering that that covers your lodging, meals, transportation, and entertainment, that’s pretty hard to beat.

If you’d like to know more about repositioning cruises, visit http://repositioningcruisesguide.com.  Find out more about California cruises at http://repositioningcruisesguide.com/2010/03/west-coast-repositioning-cruises-on-norwegian-cruise-line-and-princess-cruises-in-april-and-may-2010.

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