Visiting The Outer Hebrides/Western Isles Of Scotland

Visiting The Outer Hebrides/Western Isles Of Scotland

The Hebrides Isles are a group of more than four hundred islands located just off the Scottish north west coast.  The isles of the Hebrides have been lived on since the Mesolithic period. The region is rich with historical sites. Throughout their history the culture and language has been immensely influenced by numerous different races and today the culture of the Hebrides is a blend of Celtic, Norse, Scottish and English influences. The vast majority of folk speak in the Gaelic language and although many talk in English, it is most commonly their 2nd language. In the past tours of the Hebrides were only for rich people and those who had plenty of time. In modern times it is far to get to the Outer Hebrides/Western Isles, it is possible to travel by boat and car or even fly direct to a choice of airports on the islands. Sadly you can not get all of the way by rail but it is possible to travel coast and then travel by bus for the remainder of the journey. Often the only problem that can turn up is sorting out where to stay especially if  you are in need of Harris group accommodation which is more often than not fully booked up.

One of the primary reasons folk visit the Outer Hebrides is that the landscape and the culture of the Isles are stunningly unique.  Along the west coast of the Isle of Harris there are some of the most beautiful golden sandy beaches in all of Scotland, and many folk say the whole of Great Britain. Every now and again you will see a standing stone on the Harris coastline but it is on Lewis that you will see the most awe inspiring standing stones at Callanish not too far from the town of Stornoway the main town in the Outer Hebrides. The standing stones at Callanish is said to be 2nd to only Stonehenge in England.

Deciding which island, Harris or Lewis, to stay on is often difficult and increasing numbers of folk are settling to spend some time on each. Besides the Isles of Harris and Lewis there are a small number of other isles that are relatively easy to visit. The most popular are North and South Uist, Eriskay and Barra and there is a ferry which runs from the Isle of Harris to North Uist at Leverburgh.

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