TUI Announce First Good News In Travel For Months

TUI Announce First Good News In Travel For Months

The global recession has hit the holiday market hard. One of the first businesses that fell victim was the high-profile case of XL tour operators. There have been many companies since that have revealed how they are struggling or not able to cope at all. The first good news in a while however has been announced by TUI, Britain’s largest tour operator, who say that their last months sales show strong improvements.Peter Long, chief executive at TUI suggested that this is because people are now a bit more comfortable about spending their disposable income. They are have realised that the recession it is not as bad as everyone made it out to be and now want to relax. “Customers who delayed purchasing holidays in the early booking season have started to return to the market” the company said.

The low interest rates are also thought to be a contributing factor. Food bills are not as big as they used to be, mortgage repayments have been cut and utility and living costs are lower than they have been for a while. They means basically that outgoings are reduced and people are finding they have a little more money to spend on time out and enjoying themselves.The hotter countries are proving to be the most popular locations, especially those with the Caribbean and Mediterranean regions where people can de-stress and take some time out for themselves. All inclusive holidays are in high demand at the minute also.

Bookings are still down 7% on last year but this figure is a whole lot better than the 18% drop the rest of the year has shown.  They have sold 93% of their winter holidays because despite the worst performing market currently being the Nordic region, holidays to Canada have been doing very well

TUI has said that this pick up represents a general improving trend in holiday sales. Once we get through this season we predict we will see levels regain strength and match those of pre-recession times.

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