Tips for Improving Your Travel Writing

Tips for Improving Your Travel Writing

There are many struggling travel writers in existence these days. Mostly because being able to write about something as fun as traveling, has made it an extremely popular career choice. In order to successfully secure writing jobs, you will need to be on top of your game.

Here is some travel writing tips to help you succeed:

Stay away from facts. Anybody can write facts, or find facts. Stating facts is extremely boring. You want to tell a story, not be an encyclopedia.

Be Succinct. No one wants to hear every little detail of your trip. Omit the boring parts and stick to your theme. Get to your point quickly and explain it clearly.

Be descriptive and use all five of your senses. Your reader wants to feel like they are right alongside you on your trip. Describe your experiences with all your senses. Describe smells, sights, and sounds.

Keep a detailed travel log. Your notes will be your best friend later on when you go to actually write your article. You don’t want to get back home and have no memory of specific things you did or experienced. Keep specific logs that detail every sight and smell.

Research your destination. Your article will be richer if you are well informed about the region and culture before you get there. Once there, be sure to find all the interesting information you can from local newspapers and people.

Research your market. Before you write your article, make sure you are familiar with the publication’s guidelines. You don’t want to approach an editor with a story that they’ve done not too long ago. You also don’t want to give them a story that is inappropriate for their publication.

Find an angle. No one will read your article if it just re-iterates the same old things. Your article should have an interesting point of view. Remember not to write about the destination itself but an aspect of it. You need to find an interesting way to present your subject matter.

To stay on top of your game, make sure to keep traveling, keep reading about travel, write as much as you can, and hone up on your skills by taking some writing courses.

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