Taking an All Inclusive Cruise Tour

Taking an All Inclusive Cruise Tour

Travelers love all inclusive cruises because one price is paid and everything is included, from accommodations, meals, and entertainment to transportation. Some things are not included, like alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, and tipping any of the staff. Therefore, while the cruise is inclusive in some ways, it is not for optional accommodations and services.

Most cruises include some basic amenities in the price. There should be a list of these services provided when booking online on the cruise line’s website or through a travel agent. Usually, all meals, snacks, basic beverages at meals, onboard entertainment, activities, all of the ship’s facilities, and port-of-call transportation are included. It is very rare to find an all inclusive cruise that includes soft drinks, tips, and alcoholic beverages. Those services may be included in the base price on a luxury cruise line. For most travelers, those extras are paid for as used on the ship. Additional services like spa treatments and shore excursions are extra.

Cruises are always offering deals, as they want their cruise ships to fill up before the sailing date. Sometimes there are specials as low as $300 and $400 per person for a short five day cruise. Many websites out there will even send an email when a cruise goes on sale, so having flexible dates is a plus. VacationsToGo, Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak are just a few websites to start watching for prices.  Some of the best deals on my all inclusive cruises that I have gone on were obtained from VacationsToGo, for example.

So when planning the next couple or family vacation, take into consideration the benefits of an all inclusive cruise, especially the flight cost to reach far flung departure ports, like European cruises departing from the south of France, or yachts that traverse Australia and New Zealand. Most services are included, so there is not a guessing game as to the cost. Most cruise lines will show their prices for shore excursions as well, so families can plan ahead. There is also a variety as to how long travelers want to cruise as well, from three day cruises to fourteen day cruises being the norm.

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