Need To Replace Your Luggage Wheels?

Need To Replace Your Luggage Wheels?

You have a trolley or other rolling luggage and you need to replace its wheels? You don’t know where to find wheels that fits your particular model? Or do you have a luggage with no wheels and know you want to put some on it? Read on to find answers to these questions about luggage wheels.

First thing to know is that if the wheels on your luggage break you don’t necessarily have to buy a whole new piece of luggage. You can replace most luggage wheels by yourself at home although there are exceptions that may need to be taken to a specialist or a repair shop. If you can replace them on your own you will likely save a lot of money. The first challenge is to find the wheels that fit your luggage. You can go to the same brand and ask for the same type of wheels or you can search on websites like Amazon or E-bay for new or used wheels.

There are mainly two kinds of luggage wheels: plastic ones and silicon ones. The first type is a poorer quality and will break down sooner. Because of this you may want to go for the silicon ones because investing a little bit more now will probably save you a lot of money in the long run. The silicon material is more durable and a regularly used luggage definitely needs good wheels.

After you buy the wheels, the first thing you need to do is to remove the old ones from your luggage. The method may differ; you may have to use a screw driver to remove screws or there may be pins that attach the wheels that will have to be pulled.

The next step is to place the new wheels on the luggage. When screwing them on you must be careful not to make it too tight because it can break the wheel. If you have to replace pins you must also be careful not to damage anything while doing this step.

The last thing you have to do is test your luggage. If a wheel is not correctly replaced then the movement of the luggage may be affected.

What do you do if you want to put wheels on a luggage that was not made with wheels? The basic idea is putting a metal plate inside the bag so you can attach the wheels on it. You must make sure to put the plate in a good position so it won’t affect the movement. Buying wheels for this may be very simple because they don’t have to match the previous ones. First thing to do is drill the holes in the metal plate and then all you have to do is attach the wheels to the plate.

Luggage wheels are very important because they help you carry your luggage easier. Now yow know what to do if they have broken or if you have a piece of luggage without wheels. The most important thing is buying the correct wheels for your model and you want them to be of high quality and long lasting.

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