How to uncancel your flight

How to uncancel your flight

There’s nothing like a canceled flight to start off a perfectly good vacation. You hate it, the airlines hate it, and it just causes major problems for everybody. Not just your flight is canceled, but every flight down the line for days is affected. So how do you deal with a canceled flight? What makes a flight canceled in the first place?

Inclement weather, snow storms, freak accidents, thunderstorms along your route… all these things can cause a delayed or canceled flight. The weather anywhere in the world can and probably does affect your flight if you are traveling overseas or intercontinental.

Mechanical issues also often end up putting a flight down for repairs. Believe me, it’s better for all of us that these planes never leave the ground, just be glad they found it before you took off. Possibly all the other delays that came before caused the crew to loose their window of opportunity to take off, and the flight is just canceled altogether.

What do you do if there is a cancellation? Dial your phone the instant you hear the notice. Call the airlines toll-free number, and while it is ringing jump in line for the ticket counter. If you get there fast, before the raging mob, you just might find yourself on another flight before you know it. It doesn’t hurt to be friendly with the person behind the counter, after all, they have your vacation in their hands. Smile dang it, even if you feel frustrated! If you get a hold of the airline by phone first, tell them your situation and request a rebooking over the phone. There’s a high possibility that you’ll get rebooked faster over the phone than in line at the counter.

Again, always be friendly. Politely ask what your options are, have in mind some possible alternatives to offer the person you talk to. Even if you don’t need it, there is a chance you can run to the next flight going out and get on it before anybody else realizes it and catch that last seat.

You usually will get rebooked without any fees or penalties on the next flight available. Now the next flight available may or may not be the next flight going out, you have to consider where there is space. If you are traveling on holidays… be sure you’ve got plenty of alternatives. Actually, you shouldn’t be traveling on holidays in the first place if you can help it. That’s smarter.

Sometimes there is another line where you can get the same help, if the wait is too long, ask the agent to refer you to it. Many times partner airlines will take you on quickly and happily when this happens.

If there is nothing they can do, they just need some prodding. Offer to go through a different city, offer to be upgraded to first class (if your wallet can afford it), try a different airport, all these things are options that can be viable. However, if there are no other flights going out, you might as well make the best of your situation and claim a comfortable spot of Airport Real Estate, it’s gonna be a long night, you might as well be comfortable.

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