Hotel Brands involved in Timesharing

Hotel Brands involved in Timesharing

Once upon a time it seemed like the only time you ever heard someone talk about timeshares, they were talking about what a scam they are. But over the years timeshare companies have certainly cleaned up their act — with a lot of thanks to state and local governments, particularly Florida which has some really stringent timeshare laws.

But I think there’s another reason as well that has really helped change things. The fact is, a lot of the better hotel chains have decided to get involved in this industry. So now there are timeshares that are branded and owned by such companies as Sheraton and Hilton.

Hilton’s timeshares are part of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club, known as HGVC, and they have about 30 resorts in their system right now. If you don’t want to pay full price, which can get awfully expensive, HGVC timeshare resales aren’t too hard to come by and can save a fair bit of money while getting you access to Hilton’s very nice resorts.

Another hotel company that is involved in the luxury timeshare market is Marriott. They probably have some of the most desirable resorts in the industry and the Marriott Vacation Club is one of the most popular timeshare programs. They actually already have more than 50 resorts in the Vacation Club and that number grows year by year.

But Hilton and Marriott aren’t the only big players. The Starwood group runs the Sheraton and Westin branded timeshares. Even Disney has taken the jump into vacation ownership with their popular Disney Vacation Club. For lots of Disney World fans it is a great opportunity to own a piece of the mouse’s kingdom.

I think one of the advantages that these timesharing systems offer as well is that they open up some opportunities for variety. So if you own a Marriott resort, that resort is considered your home resort, but you are also able to trade it to visit other resorts in the chain as well. The other companies tend to work like this too and it makes owning a timeshare a much more reasonable opportunity for people who don’t vacation at the same location every single year.

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