Fun and Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

Fun and Affordable Honeymoon Ideas

images-1These days many newlywed couples who are just starting out want to have some kind of fun and romantic honeymoon, but may not have the money, or the time to take an all inclusive los cabos vacation. Maybe they are trying to save for that first home, or are planning to have a baby soon. There are still many different and unique honeymoon ideas that are fun, romantic, and relatively inexpensive.

One budget honeymoon idea is to stay in the area or within driving distance, rent a nice, yet affordable hotel for a few days, and act like a tourist in your own or nearby city. Go to all the places you may not have had the chance to while dealing with day to day life. Go to the museum, go to the place you had your first date, or to an unusual spot. If there are carriage rides, take one, you may be surprised by the interesting facts or information that your guide can tell you that you may not have ever known.

Another suggestion for fun honeymoon ideas is to find an all inclusive resort or vacation package that includes air travel and food, or a nice cruise. Usually a cruise can be booked for short term trips, usually three to five days. The nice thing about these ideas is that for the most part, everything is included. The food is provided, as well as ample entertainment. With cruises there are guided tours available, activities on the boat as well as at your destination. For resorts, there are an abundance of different activities to choose from, and this really depends on the resort. There are many water sports, skiing, and other free things to do. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about kids being around, and you have the choice to go out, or stay at the bungalow or suite.

Whichever honeymoon idea you choose and regardless of how much money you have in your pocket, the real gift of it all resides in being together with one another for the first time as husband and wife and the memories that the honeymoon will bring will last an eternity, so don’t stress about cost or location, just enjoy your time together and your honeymoon will be perfect.

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