Caravan Holidays

Caravan Holidays

A touring caravan holiday has always been popular throughout the UK and Europe as a leisurely type of holiday.  In recent years, mainly due to the economic climate, it has seen its popularity rise as many people see it as a cheaper holiday option compared to staying in expensive hotels or holiday apartments.

The increased number of people who wish to get involved in touring caravans has seen an increase in the demand for second hand caravans so now there are just not as many available as previously, when the hobby of caravanning found itself in a slump.

With the increase in demand comes higher prices and so the bargains of yesteryear are no longer available.  With this increased initial price is the added price of equipping the caravan both inside and out, namely caravan awnings and basic camping equipment.  For a novice there always seems to be an endless list of accessories and equipment to buy but usually the most basic camping equipment will suffice and other items can be collected over the course of time, as long as you see caravanning as a long term project and not just a one off holiday.

With increased numbers enjoying the outdoor life through caravanning comes a shortage of available camping areas   otherwise known as ‘pitches.’  These pitches, often found on well maintained caravan sites run by the Caravan Club or Camping and Caravanning Clubs are usually in areas of outstanding natural beauty or within easy reach of historical towns and have all the things one would need such as washing facilities, small shops and even restaurants and allow the users a little more freedom than a hotel, both in monetary terms and outdoor restrictions.

Caravanning is also a wonderful way to spend quality time with the family, away from the telephone, television and any other distraction.  Eating together outside whilst the sun goes down and playing games and breathing in the fresh outdoor air is not only healthy for the body but also for the mind.

All this is achievable on a caravan holiday so why not try it this summer?

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