Book your flight online like a pro

Book your flight online like a pro

If you are booking a flight for the holidays, you are going to want to get started on that plenty early. With fewer and fewer flights going out in this recession, that makes for less seats available. You could always consider a jet charter flight, but that would be out of the price range of many. So here are some tips:

You want to book your flight at least six weeks in advance, especially if you are going to be flying out around a major holiday. If you book your flight three months in advance you can usually get the best prices, plan your trips three months ahead of time and book them then for the biggest savings.

Mondays or Tuesdays usually are the best time to book your flights online. Usually the fares are lower at the beginning of the week and higher towards the end, airlines are tricky that way. We love to use to find the best fares. It combines a ton of other booking sites, shows price charts and graphs, and lets you compare and get the cheapest deal possible on a flight.

Smaller airports are also often good places to go if you are a) flying locally and b) not scared of small planes. There are usually cheaper fares there. If possible, fly non peak days and times when others aren’t scurrying to get home for a holiday or away for spring break.

Don’t just rely on and others to book your flight though, often the airlines actual website offers some great unpublished airfare deals. Airlines pay commissions to other booking engines, so more and more they are posting the best air fares on their own sites. These specials often appear for a little while and then disappear equally as fast. You also avoid the surcharges and service fees of other online booking websites.

We personally hate flying with tons of connections to get to our destination. With the state of air travel today each connection is a huge risk of a missed flight and an overnight stay in an overpriced hotel in an underrated city. It might save a little money, but it costs a lot of time and headaches. Fly direct or as direct as possible to avoid the stress. If you want a flight to the Philippines it may not be that easy, but you can get almost direct flights for cheap too.

Be aware that the airlines will not compensate you for weather delays or inclement weather. They can’t control it and do not offer refunds. The will do what they can to get you on your next flight, but getting angry at them and so forth will only hold everybody else up. So be sure you allow enough time that you won’t miss your cruise or final destination if there are some delays.

Book your flight online smartly and get yourself off to a good start. Don’t worry you will be there in no time at all. Most of all, have fun!

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