The fun of geocaching

geocachingIf you enjoy exploring the outdoors and having a bit of adventure in the process, you might enjoy geocaching.

Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) has become a popular activity for young and old alike. The basic idea is that it is a grownup game of hide and seek. Someone places a treasure, or cache, in a secret place and provides its latitude and longitude coordinates for other to locate it again. If you are exploring the outdoors anyway this is a way to have a bit of an adventure, like Indiana Jones looking for lost treasure.

The cache is usually stored in some sort of water-proof container. It often has a pencil (not a pen in case it freezes) and paper inside for those who find it to leave a bit about themselves to share with the owner and other geocachers. Also, there may be a note explaining that the cache is left there intentionally in case a casual visitor comes upon it.

Caches can be placed in far away and exotic, hard to get to locations (way off the beaten path, or in the middle of a lake, for example), or they can be near a popular street corner and you only have to adventure as hard as walking to get a cup of coffee.

There are some rules of etiquette for geocaching. If you find a cache, there are often little trinkets left behind. You are allowed to take something but only if you leave something in return. Obviously, don’t leave anything that can spoil like food, and don’t leave anything dangerous or illegal.

Also, respect the land. The owner of the cache should have cleared the cache location with the land owner or manager, so they have agreed to let people on the land for the fun.  Make sure that you respect their good will in letting you be there.

There are a number of groups that distribute the coordinates of geocaches, the largest likely being A basic membership is free and you can get locations of geocaches near you, or near where you want to explore. Don’t forget that a quality handheld GPS unit is essential for this game. You can find reviews of some of the best models, and other stories about science, nature, and being in the outdoors at Boneblogger.

What are repositioning cruises?

These days, there are dozens of cruise lines and hundreds of cruise ships that travel all over the globe.  Whether in exotic corners of the world or in popular destinations that lots of tourists visit, chances are there’s a cruise ship there at least part of the year.

But in almost every destination, there’s a time of year when the weather’s not that great.  Even in paradise, it’s usually hurricane season between August and November.   Since no one wants to take a cruise where it’s rainy, windy, and cold, the cruise ships that sail in these waters when it’s nice usually relocate when the rainy season starts.

Those relocation trips – where a ship sails one way from one destination to another – are called repositioning cruises, and they can be a really good deal.  As a rule, they don’t visit as many ports as regular cruises, which usually visit a different port almost every day.  And there are often several days at sea.  For instance, a ship that repositions from the Caribbean to Europe will spend five or six days crossing the Atlantic ocean.

Today’s cruise ships have so many amenities onboard – everything from ice skating rinks to bowling alleys – that there’s plenty to do even when the ship is at sea.  And then, there are all those meals.  During sea days, the cruise lines often have special buffets in addition to all the regular meals.

Because repositioning cruises stop in fewer ports, they don’t sell as well as conventional cruises that call in five or six places.  For this reason, they’re often much less expensive on a cost-per-day basis.

Before you calculate your savings, find out what the airfare will be.  Since you may end up buying two one-way tickets, your airfare may be more expensive than a roundtrip ticket would be.

A short repositioning cruise, say one from California to Vancouver, is a great way to see if you like cruising.  And if you live within driving distance of the port, your airfare should be very reasonable.  Fares for these cruises are often as low as $50 per person, per night.  Considering that that covers your lodging, meals, transportation, and entertainment, that’s pretty hard to beat.

If you’d like to know more about repositioning cruises, visit  Find out more about California cruises at

Koh Chang Thailand – A Marvelous Tourist Destination

There are thousands of traveling destinations in the world and lots of travelers move to these places to spend some marvelous time. Presently, Koh Chang Thailand has become one of the best traveling places in the whole world. Lots of travelers from different parts of the world come to visit this outstanding tourist places. It is a wonderful place that is packed with natural beauty and its characteristic features makes nature lovers to fall in love with it. Koh Chang Thailand is well known for its tourism business and it is enormously popular among travelers. Many people travel to Koh Chang and enjoy its beautiful nature and beaches and many other sights of interest.
Koh Chang Island is covered with marine life, coral reefs, beaches and pure natural beauty. This place is also famous for natural resources and there are many fruit orchards in this island. You can get dense forests, hills, steams and waterfalls that will surely make your time memorable. Koh Chang is little bit different from other parts of Thailand, a place of rich culture and tradition. During your trip to this island you can watch the famous Thai Boxing or Muay Thai.  There are many places in koh chang that you will enjoy the most, you just need to keep in mind that whenever you make a visit to this place you know everything about it and know the places that you have to visit and that are popular.
Many people come to Thailand to learn this amazing fighting form and dive into different events. There are good amount of rain forests that is packed with real nature, divided by high mountains. You can watch different types of fascinating sights that will make you spellbound. Take a trip to the Koh Chang National Marine Park and watch different types of birds and animals species.
Buddhism is the main religion here and there are lots of temples for offering prayers. You can spend a nice time on the beach, trying beach volleyball or doing adventure sports activities. There are good numbers of hotels and resorts those offers affordable stay. Most of these hotels are packed with quality service and other amenities. So, come to Koh Chang Thailand have a nice time with your friends and relatives. You will definitely have lots of fun when you are in Koh Chang and enjoy all the beautiful places here.

Taking an All Inclusive Cruise Tour

Travelers love all inclusive cruises because one price is paid and everything is included, from accommodations, meals, and entertainment to transportation. Some things are not included, like alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, and tipping any of the staff. Therefore, while the cruise is inclusive in some ways, it is not for optional accommodations and services.

Most cruises include some basic amenities in the price. There should be a list of these services provided when booking online on the cruise line’s website or through a travel agent. Usually, all meals, snacks, basic beverages at meals, onboard entertainment, activities, all of the ship’s facilities, and port-of-call transportation are included. It is very rare to find an all inclusive cruise that includes soft drinks, tips, and alcoholic beverages. Those services may be included in the base price on a luxury cruise line. For most travelers, those extras are paid for as used on the ship. Additional services like spa treatments and shore excursions are extra.

Cruises are always offering deals, as they want their cruise ships to fill up before the sailing date. Sometimes there are specials as low as $300 and $400 per person for a short five day cruise. Many websites out there will even send an email when a cruise goes on sale, so having flexible dates is a plus. VacationsToGo, Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak are just a few websites to start watching for prices.  Some of the best deals on my all inclusive cruises that I have gone on were obtained from VacationsToGo, for example.

So when planning the next couple or family vacation, take into consideration the benefits of an all inclusive cruise, especially the flight cost to reach far flung departure ports, like European cruises departing from the south of France, or yachts that traverse Australia and New Zealand. Most services are included, so there is not a guessing game as to the cost. Most cruise lines will show their prices for shore excursions as well, so families can plan ahead. There is also a variety as to how long travelers want to cruise as well, from three day cruises to fourteen day cruises being the norm.

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