The Jersey Shore and Seaside Heights

The Jersey Shore and Seaside Heights

Have you ever thought of visiting the beach in New Jersey? If you are not from New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania than you probably have not. The majority of the millions of annual Jersey shore visitors are from these three states. It can be a fun place to visit – especially if you are not from the local area. It may not be right up there with visiting New Orleans or San Francisco but you will learn a bit about a segment of American culture that you probably did not even know existed. The metropolitan populations of the region are huge melting pots of a variety of cultures. They are all on display when you visit the beach.

One of the most visited places on the coast of New Jersey is Seaside Heights. Why do people flock there? Two main reasons, besides the fact there is a pretty nice beach. One of the most famous attractions in Seaside Heights New Jersey is its boardwalk. It stretches for over a mile and boasts a wide selection of rides, games of chance, arcades, shops and food stands. There are two main amusement ride areas, both with rides that are not quite like Great Adventure but also a step up from a traveling carnival. Haunted houses, small roller coasters, bumper cars, kiddie rides and lots of others. As for the arcades they feature entertainment such as pinball machines, carousel rides, video games, skeeball and keno games that return prize tickets (redeemable for prizes, not cash). The boardwalk tends to attract a very eclectic mix of visitors. From teens to bikers to retired couples.

Some find the Seaside Heights boardwalk and its crowds a bit over the top. While there is no shortage of families that visit the boardwalk here, there is a more family centric but smaller boardwalk you can also visit in nearby Point Pleasant Beach. That community is much calmer and less of what is thought of as a party town.

The second major draw for Seaside Heights is its status as a party town. There are a few bars and nightclubs and, just as importantly, lots of hotel rooms. There are many teens and young twenty somethings that can’t resist the opportunity to spend time on the boardwalk, indulge in some nightlife, get up late and then wander over to the beach to take a late morning snooze on the beach. Enjoying the good life, Jersey style!

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