Hotels in Cervia, Italy

Hotels in Cervia, Italy

If you are going on Italian Lakes Holidays, you may want to consider visiting Cervia, Italy.  Cervia is a very popular tourist destination, and with good reason.  There are tons of fun activities to do in the city, as well as numerous famous sites to see.  And when you want to relax, you can just relax out by the beach.

Although several Cervia hotels offer numerous attractive amenities on site, the town itself has even more to offer visitors and tourists. Popular sporting activities in the resort town include golf, tennis, windsurfing, swimming, and horseback riding, while bicycle, scooter, and moped rental facilities offer a convenient and fun way of exploring and getting to and from destination points.

Are you interested in just relaxing during your time in Cervia? In addition to the multiple sporting options listed above, Cervia is home to world-renowned spa facilities, and features multiple naturally occurring thermal baths, known for their relaxing and healing properties. The town itself is surrounded by beautiful and ancient pinewoods, and visitors can spend their days exploring and absorbing the peaceful magic and silent charm of the forest.

Cervia is also home to one of Italy’s largest amusement parks: Mirabilandia. Families traveling with children will not want to miss this countrywide attraction. Another local attraction for visitors of all ages is the year-round casa delle farfalle, or butterfly house; an establishment in which butterflies occupy an open-air environment, with walking paths for visitors.

Whether you are looking for a vacation spot that allows you to relax and enjoy the luxury of naturally occurring salt baths and sandy beaches, a spot that will provide entertainment for you and your entire family, or a spot that satisfies your love of outdoor sporting activities, the seaside resort town of Cervia is sure to have something for everyone. Book one of the many beachfront Cervia hotels and experience for yourself the charm and attraction of this historical vacation destination.

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