Hot Holidays in Lanzarote This Winter

Hot Holidays in Lanzarote This Winter

Whilst the rest of Europe is packing away the loungers and the suntan lotion the Canary Islands are busy getting ready for the busiest holiday season of the year. As these seven specks of Spain that lie just off the coast of Africa are Europe´s only genuine Winter sun destination.

Lanzarote is the most easterly link in the Canary Island chain and has long been a favorite holiday destination with British and Irish tourists. And despite failing airlines, the falling pound and the current bleak economic outlook the Island of Fire is still a hot ticket. As holidaymaker numbers to the island have just kept on rising.

UK tourist continue to flock to the island and as a result demand for Lanzarote villas and apartments has remained relatively stable. Whilst property prices have also started to fall on the island it is less noticeable than in other european destinations.

The fact that Lanzarote remains mostly unspoiled is attributable to the works and efforts of an island born artist called Cesar Manrique. Who was studying in New York when package tourism first started to take off in Spain and hurried home to protect his beloved Lanzarote from over development.

Alert to the damage that this could cause to his birthplace Manrique returned home to ensure that his beloved Lanzarote was not buried beneath a sea of five star concrete.

As a result of his efforts Lanzarote has largely been spared the type of over development now commonly found in other Spanish sun spots and other Canary Islands resorts. High rise buildings are banned, advertising hoardings are outlawed and all of the islands three main tourist resorts are well contained.

Manrique also sought to create a set of unique tourist attractions that would provide an alternative to the golf courses and water parks so prevalent elsewhere in Spain.

In tandem with close collaborators such as Jesus Soto he lit an alternative path for island development with the creation of sites such as the Jameos del Agua, which embodied his desire to fuse art with nature.

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