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Rural Log Cabin Holidays in the UK

The UK is a beautiful place to visit and has an exceptional range of scenery for such a small country. The south of Britain could be generalised as gently rolling hills, in the central areas it flattens out a little and in the North the landscape get increasingly rugged yet still remains beautiful. Although the weather in the UK could be described as unpredictable at best, the South is generally milder than the North so if you don’t like it too cold avoid the Northern areas.

Many people that choose a rural holiday over a city break in the UK will hire self catering accommodation and in the UK this type accommodation would be either a holiday cottage or a log cabin. The holiday cottages market is long established one and there are some beautiful homes available to rent, it is however the log cabin holidays market that is taking the UK by storm.

The UK log cabin holiday market seems to be growing exponentially and after staying in a log cabin it is clear to see why. Over 90% of the log cabin holiday developments have been built in the past 10 years and this makes them modern, comfortable and clean places to stay regardless of the weather. The relaxed planning laws that apply to log cabins mean that they often occupy stunning locations that take full advantage of the magnificent scenery.

If you live in the UK and want to ‘get away from it all’ or want to visit the rural side of the UK from abroad there couldn’t be a better way of immersing yourself in the beautiful countryside that the UK has to offer than staying in a log cabin. All of the log cabins that you find in the UK will be detached so you will not have to worry about the ‘neighbours’ as you would if you were staying in some holiday cottages.

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