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Lovina, Bali’s Secret Destination

Lovina beach, on the north coast of Bali, Indonesia, is a must-see destination that many tourists never get around to visiting. It’s too bad because chances are the Lovina/Singaraja area of Bali has the more easy-going feel and slower pace that you probably had in mind when you booked your holiday in Bali in the first place. Between the lower prices, friendlier locals, good restaurants in excellent Lovina hotels, one could easily base a Bali vacation on this north coast instead of the hustle and bustle in the south end of the island.

Lovina is a great starting point for day trips to a national park that sits in the northwest corner of Bali.  The coastal road is surprisingly good and it’s a pleasant drive over to the park. Arrive early in the morning for the heat really picks up; you’ll enjoy a short hike through the lush tropical greenery.

Another day trip you can take from Lovina is a visit to the caldera at Kintamani, maybe via the small town of Bedugul. Take a break from the heat of the coastline and get a glimpse of what the island was like decades ago as you drive through small Balinese villages up in these hills.

Restaurants and hotels in Lovina beach have remarkably low prices compared to the south end of the island. The fact is that in some ways this coast resembles rural parts of Java or other Indonesian islands more than it does Bali tourist areas. If you have come for more than just a party and nonstop shopping, you might find it interesting to take a breath and slow down in Lovina. At the very least you’ll enjoy having a hotel room right near the placid Bali Sea, as opposed to having to fight the  heavy traffic and street hawkers in other parts of the island, just to get to your little patch of sand at the beach.

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