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Europe’s Gem – Austria

Austria is a beautiful country and one not often thought of when planning a vacation in Europe. From the ancient, sprawling capital city, Vienna, to quaint Salzburg and off-the-beaten track villages such as Hallstatt, located on the shores of an idyllic alpine lake, there is something for just about everyone to enjoy in Austria.

If it’s culture that you’re interested in, you’ll surely want to begin your Austrian journey in Vienna, home of fantastic architecture and the seat of the Baroque musical movement. Composers like Bach and Mozart spent their days in Vienna, writing symphonies and drinking in cafes along the city’s busy pedestrian thoroughfares. Viennese architecture is one of the high points of a visit here, where buildings range from the grandiose Hofburg Imperial Palace to the looming Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

On the other side of the country, Salzburg is a quaint town known for its boutique shopping and mountainous scenery. The birthplace of Mozart, you will find no shortage of references to this classical composer in Salzburg, where you can even visit Mozart’s birthplace and explore a museum with his violins and pieces of music. No trip to Salzburg would be complete without a climb up to the impressive Hohensalzburg Fortress. This giant fort is located on a hilltop overlooking Salzburg and is Europe’s largest medieval fortress.

Austria is also an amazing country in which to escape the bustle of city life. With the Alps mountain range running through the country’s western corridor, there is no shortage of outdoor sports and alpine enjoyment to be had here. Pristine lakes are joined by snow-capped peaks that make for amazing hikes during the summer, while winter provides some of the best skiing and snow sports in Europe.

Wine-lovers will also enjoy sampling the finest of Austria’s vintner traditions. Along the Danube River Valley in Upper Austria you can explore tiny, undiscovered wine towns where grapes grow in in rows along the lush riverbanks. After a day’s drive, you’ll certainly want to stop into a heuriger, or wine tavern, to sample some of the local vintages.

Austria is a truly beautiful country and one that many tourists disregard, making it a wonderful vacation destination where you’ll find few crowds, fantastic weather and a plethora of activities to keep just about everyone happy.

Flashpacking Europe

So you are getting ready to travel through Europe after graduation and you decide that you will be backpacking. But, the you realize that you will be taking you camera, video camera, laptop, extra battery packs, electronic converters, and more. Without even realizing it, you could already be what is known as a flashpacker, and will be officially flashpacking through Europe instead of the backpacking. You could think of it as backpacking with a twist.

Due to the fact that these days no one can go anywhere without “updating” their status it is almost essential to stay connected regardless of what part of the world we are in. This requires mobile phone usage and connectivity. More often travelers will find hostels and budget accommodations including wifi since the number of flashpackers have dramatically increased over the last couple of years.

There are several different reasons people choose to flashpack and make a drastic change from their old traditional travel gear. Before where travelers were concerned with roughing it in the wild now we all want to be connected to share our stories with our family and friends. We need to upload pictures and video, stay connected with family back home perhaps through the use of skype, and is also the opportunity to have easy access to find out about where you should go and what you should see while you are in your trip. Without the use of technology we would not have the ability to do that.

If you want to stay connected and have a way to share your adventures with your friends and family, but don’t want to carry around everything throughout your trip to Europe, it is always okay to modify only down to the main necessities. Keep in mind, as you are carrying quite a bit of valuables with you, and you always want to stay cautious on trains and buses.

Hotels in Cervia, Italy

If you are going on Italian Lakes Holidays, you may want to consider visiting Cervia, Italy.  Cervia is a very popular tourist destination, and with good reason.  There are tons of fun activities to do in the city, as well as numerous famous sites to see.  And when you want to relax, you can just relax out by the beach.

Although several Cervia hotels offer numerous attractive amenities on site, the town itself has even more to offer visitors and tourists. Popular sporting activities in the resort town include golf, tennis, windsurfing, swimming, and horseback riding, while bicycle, scooter, and moped rental facilities offer a convenient and fun way of exploring and getting to and from destination points.

Are you interested in just relaxing during your time in Cervia? In addition to the multiple sporting options listed above, Cervia is home to world-renowned spa facilities, and features multiple naturally occurring thermal baths, known for their relaxing and healing properties. The town itself is surrounded by beautiful and ancient pinewoods, and visitors can spend their days exploring and absorbing the peaceful magic and silent charm of the forest.

Cervia is also home to one of Italy’s largest amusement parks: Mirabilandia. Families traveling with children will not want to miss this countrywide attraction. Another local attraction for visitors of all ages is the year-round casa delle farfalle, or butterfly house; an establishment in which butterflies occupy an open-air environment, with walking paths for visitors.

Whether you are looking for a vacation spot that allows you to relax and enjoy the luxury of naturally occurring salt baths and sandy beaches, a spot that will provide entertainment for you and your entire family, or a spot that satisfies your love of outdoor sporting activities, the seaside resort town of Cervia is sure to have something for everyone. Book one of the many beachfront Cervia hotels and experience for yourself the charm and attraction of this historical vacation destination.

Lanzarote Holidays

If you’re looking for a little sun as the winter months begin to drag on, consider booking a Lanzarote holiday. Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands and it’s a great place to vacation. Sun and sand and friendly people make Lanzarote ideal whether you’re single, traveling with kids or enjoying your retirement.

The Canary Islands have long been a destination for Europeans. What makes Lanzarote special is its atmosphere.  It is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the people are proud of the natural beauty. In particular, development on the island is carefully considered. Lanzarote doesn’t have the sprawling feel of the other islands. The acclaimed artist César Manrique was instrumental in preserving the soul of the island. You won’t see buildings over 5 stories high and many of the buildings include traditional color schemes.

There are many English and Irish tourists, so lots of the islanders speak English. At hotels and restaurants you will have no trouble with menus, staff or food choices. I encourage you, however, to try the true Canarian cuisine. The staples of the cuisine include fish, corn and fruit. There are many “mojos” to try. These are sauces used to compliment main dishes like meat or potatoes. “Mojo picón” is one of the most popular; it’s made with lots of red pepper. The islands, being located just off the North African coast, have long been a watering stop for ships. Mariners would exchange exotic new foods like tomatoes and cocoa for meat and water. This has made Canarian agriculture more varied than it would otherwise be.

You will surely find a hotel that suits your style. If you are traveling with kids, consider the Lanzarote Princess. It’s a great place to stay with kids, whether they are toddlers or teens. The island has many villas to rent as well. It’s sometimes nice to feel like you’re staying with a friend instead of living out of a suitcase in a hotel room. Renting a villa or even an apartment in Arrecife, the capital, can save you money on food. Although the restaurants aren’t as a rule pricey, if you can save a little cash by eating a meal or two in, why wouldn’t you?

People who choose Lanzarote holidays can come back home tanned, refreshed and the envy of all their friends. Swimming, boating, golfing, shopping, exploring, sunbathing….. all of that combined with great food, friendly people and a rich history and culture makes Lanzarote truly an island paradise.

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