Saving For Your Trip to Japan

Saving For Your Trip to Japan

geisha-kyoto-n-001.2There are an infinite number of excuses to not travel – it is so expensive; I can’t get time off; I haven’t traveled much before; it’s so expensive! Although there is clearly some truth to these statements, the fact of the matter is that will some time and effort just about anyone can take the international trip of their dreams.

The first part of this equation that will make a huge difference is to set up a separate, preferably high interest, savings account. There are great online banks like ING Direct that offer an unlimited number of free bank accounts with much higher interest rates than the brick and mortar banks can offer. It might seem like a pretty minor detail to have this account separate, but it keeps the money separate and just far enough out of reach.

The second part of the equation that will make a big difference is to go ahead and automate the savings process by having a set amount of money transferred each month into your account. The amount is up to you, but obviously the higher it is, the sooner you will be getting on a plane. A normal response would be that you don’t have a single dollar to spare for this; it’s understandable to feel this way, but pretty much anyone can spare something, even if it’s a very small amount.

The beautiful thing about automating the transfer of money is that it will accumulate without you even realizing it. The amount you’re putting away might not seem like much, but you’d be surprised how quickly it accumulates. Also, there is always the option of frugality and the surprisingly uncommon method of earning more money. Any other method of increasing your income will only bring you closer to your goal more quickly. You can easily save your pennies to do some custom postcard printing to share your travels with loved ones! Who knows, it may even remind them to send you that birthday money they’ve been meaning to send your way so can keep the birthday invitations tucked away for later.

Whichever method you choose, do yourself a favor and make it as painless as possible and you will be on your way to a place like Japan sooner than you might think possible.

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